Rubén Prol
designs fonts and draws letters

Ogrobe, 1983. Self-taught. 1'78m. Member number 33888 of Xabarín Club. I got interested in type design in 2005 when I tried to reproduce a well-known yogurt brand typeface. The result was Marela, done with Corel Draw and lots of love.

I worked as a hotel receptionist, fetcher in a print workshop and waiter. Since 2008 I work as a web designer/frontender freelancing for many advertising agencies and employed in studios like Acordar, A Navalla Suíza and Corunet.

This web is for collecting my most appreciated works.

For this site I'm using Carme Nova, a font still under development.

You may find me on twitter and instagram. Sometimes I create lists on Spotify. You could also reach me by email.